Mobile Monopoly System

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It's called mobile truck advertising. Companies put their ads on vehicles and pay people to drive those automobiles around town. You sign a contract, get paid monthly, or get a brand new vehicle delivered to your driveway and voila - you're in business for yourself. No car payments, no hassles, just plain old-fashioned honest work, and good clean fun.

One way around this that I have seen is to have billboards that aren't billboards. The most common example is old truck trailers that have been made into "mobile" billboards. These presumably don't fit the definition of a billboard, and so are left alone. It is just a truck trailer parked near the highway that happens to have advertising on it.

This can catapult your business into a new stratosphere because your sales message will be with that person 24/7 and be read immediately. No matter what your business is; doctor, auto shop, restaurant, whatever it is billboard advertising trucks for sale fills the gap and comes in much lower on the cost of advertising scale.

Of course, mobile truck billboard like this is dependent on the weather. Heavy winds could make it impossible for a small plane to pull such a resistance. Sometimes the banner cannot be added to the back of the billboard because of the drag. When the flight is over, the pilot is able to fly low and drop the billboard safely to the ground where it will be retrieved and stored for future use.

Often it is best to be written in an easy to read color such as black and add some color as accent to outline the message, including yellow. It would also be appealing to write the message in another color, but have it outlined in black. This will help it be easy to read. When the business owners decide they want to remove the sign the paint can be washed off with soap and water. Even easier is placing a window cling in place. People drive by and see the delivery window sign.

There are killer Mobile monopoly bonuses available online. One I recently found is this Mobile Monopoly bonus from Alex at the warrior forum. Pretty good deal really and for the small investment it is kind of a no brainer if you are looking to get started advertising truck

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